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Diesel Generator In South Africa    Mining supplies, Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC

 We have only 125 KVA in stock please do not call us for other sizes. Thanks

  We can export to Botswana, Zimbabwe, DRC, Namibia, Angola,

      Special price till 19 Jan 2014

Genset Pricelist





Price Excl


1- Closed Silent Generators with canopy and ATS

Wai Feng engine under license from Ricardo. with AMF and Auto start.

Ricardo type engine

 Three Phase Units

125 kva R 150,000 One in stock
Order form, Proforma invoice    

2- OPEN UNITS without canopy  Wai Feng engine under licence from Ricardo.


 120 KVA- 100 KW Diesel  Wei Feng Engine under License from Ricardo 380V OPEN R 115,000 one in stock

3 phase 100 Amps Manual changeover switch.

    R 1945 Excl VAT

For quantity more than 3 R 1845 Excl VAT

Welder Generators both air cooled and water cooled

Gen set specifications:
o Standby power: 125kVA (100kW)
o Prime power: 115kVA (92kW)
o Voltages: 380/220V
o Frequency: 50Hz
o 3P4W
o Voltage regulation: ≥±5%
o Voltage regulation stead state: ≤±1%
o Sudden voltage warp (100% sudden reduce): ≤±25%
o Sudden voltage warp (sudden increase): ≤-20%
o Voltage stable time (100% sudden reduce): ≤6S
o Voltage stable time (sudden increase): ≤6S
o Frequency regulation stead state: ≤5%
o Frequency waving: ≤0.5%
o Sudden frequency warp (100% sudden reduce): ≤±12%
o Sudden frequency warp (sudden increase): ≤-10%
·Fuel consumption:
o 100% loading
o 211 g/kwh at 1,500rpm;
o 27.0 l/hr at 1,500rpm;
·Diesel engine
o Brand: Wei Feng under lic from Richardo
o Power:116kWm/1500rev/min      
o Brand: Stamford or Marathon
o Bearing no.: 1
o Power factor: 0.8
o Protection level: IP23
o Excitation mode: brushless self-excited
·Control panel:
o Brand: Smartgen (standard) ComAp (option)
o Micro-processor cored digital system
o Multiple languages for option, automatic control 
·Shipping data:
o Open type:
Overall size: 2130x860x1780mm
o Soundproof type:
Overall size: 3230x1170x1800mm
o Trailer type:
Overall size: 4030x2140x2510mm
Extra Filters set R 450.

100 AMP 3 Phase manual Changeover switch with heavy duty wall mount box R 1260 incl VAT in stock.

Prices are excl Batteries.

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding it.

Order form, Proforma invoice        

Prices are subject to change as a result of exchange rate

Please call or fax us your required sizes       

 ICM industries


VAT reg no:4290184649

Established 1999

7 of 73 Capital Hill park inside, Capital Hill commercial Estate 395 Le Roux st Midrand South Africa

 Tel:  011 312 3393       

Homepage: http://www.icmsa.co.za

e-mail: icm@lantic.net