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      Geomembrane HDPE High Density Dam liner Plastic Sheet in South Africa Not normal PE that is too soft.     Woven sealed  HDPE equal to 2 mm thick common Dam Liners in SA.

Imported one no factory in South Africa produce it yet. Please first check Video1    Vidio2 

You can collect free sample from our office.

HDPE  (High density PE not normal polyethylene) Liners are ideal choice for most Dam applications.

Our specially extruded liners combine high tensile strength and chemical resistance with excellent stress crack resistance and low temperature properties for highly reliable containment.

Chemically inert and resistant to most hydrocarbons, these liners are the industry standard for a wide range of applications.

Made of good quality Geomembrane primary resin, the main ingredients of our liners are 97.5% of high density polyethylene and about 2.5% of carbon black, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbent and stabilizer.     Video1    Vidio2 


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Geomembrane HDPE High Density Dam liner Plastic Sheet in SA

Price: HDPE water proof 300 Micron made to size R45/m2 excl VAT

Dam liner sheets: Size of 4X50=200 m2 meters 300 Micron R40/m2=R8000 Excl VAT

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HDPE Geomembrane welding machine




Our liners are produced by the most advanced imported Italian automatic soil production equipments with three layer co extrusion technology.



1. Easy process and high output rates;


2. Excellent distribution of carbon black;


3. Consistent quality and low failure rate;


4. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, long service life;


5. Excellent resistance and good waterproof ability;


6. Anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti oil and salt, anti-corrosion, high temperature-resistant;


7. Good acid and alkali resistance;


8. Good mechanical properties-    High strength, good extensibility, deformation and puncture resistance.


9. Low permeability-    HDPE lining systems are secure because leachate does not penetrate them. Methane gas will   not escape from the HDPE cover system, and rainwater will not infiltrate and HDPE cap.


10. Chemical Resistance-     HDPE can resist to a wide range of chemicals, so it isn’t threatened by typical solid or hazardous waste leachates. It is also suitable for sludge and secondary containment around chemical storage facilities.


11. Ultraviolet Resistance-

    HDPE's resistance to UV exposure is further enhanced by the addition of carbon black. Additionally, with the absence of plasticizers, volatilization is not a problem.


13. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane is based on mid or high density polyvinyl resin material and the density is more than 0.94g/cm³, so it is with excellent anti-seepage, high segregation property, high puncture resistance, good abrasion performance.


14. Low-temperature resistance (-70℃), thermo stability and great adhesive property.



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Ground cover sheet for weed protection 

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