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Plastic green House Cover.

New Product: Imported Agricultural transparent HDPE High Density polyethylene film UV resistant

 Greenhouse plastic film sheet for greenhouse. South Africa does not have the technology to make it yet.

( Not PE common sheets, HDPE is over 10 times stronger than polyethylene Films. )

 Only for users that know the difference.

Width: 10 m

Can be joined by heating Iron tool.


Other suppliers sell PE plastic is low density Plastic sheets.

Our products HDPE is High Density polyethylene)      

Long lasting HDPE Sheet 4 m wide X 50 m long=200m2   200 micron thick woven Price:R30/m2  R6,000 Excl VAT

Long lasting HDPE Sheet 10 m wide X 40 m long=400m2  200 micron thick woven Price:R31/m2  R12,400 Excl VAT

Cut to size R40/m2 Excl VAT

          All tare off Plastic sheeting you see in South Africa are PE material.

HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three-layered structures

Colour  white transparent or blue transparent

light transmittance: more than 80% depends on sunlight of the area

UV stabilization: more than 3 years under common weather 


200micron, Width 10 m          Important eo1

Strong tension:   Free sample can be collected.

warp sense:710 N/5cm;zonal:450N/5cm(120gsm)

 warp sense:858 N/5cm;zonal:735N/5cm(160gsm) 


Anti fog, UV resistance, anti-aging, anti-drip, 


 Important Video1

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That's because :

1. It really adopts 100% virgin HDPE material . 

 2. It is added 5% UV protection additive to increase its service life . 

 3. The technology is  HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three layer structures . It has excellent tear resistance features . 

4. It also resist moving of the greenhouse frame . 

Best choice in tropical area where has very ultraviolet irradiation .

Free sample can be collected. Special price 19 Nov 2021

This is very strong and very durable film to resist harsh weather condition . If you are looking for stronger and more durable film.

Our 3 layers woven fabric plastic film can meet your demands     

Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM

 Industries and drive here.

There is two kind of agricultural plastic film for greenhouse cover. One is traditional blow molding plastic film that we do not supply because is too week in SA environment, the one we supply is high density woven fabric plastic film . 
Channel lock for film complete 0.7mm thick  4m long, Galvanized channel ,

If you want your Greenhouse plastic last use of these Channel ribs and spring is a must.

Can be welded by Joining Iron.


3 layer woven fabric plastic film for

 greenhouse. Free sample can be collected.


 Special price 19 Nov 2021


Price R45 per meter incl VAT  ( each 2 or 4 m long )

   Important e1       Important eo2 

Free sample can be collected.  e-mail: icm@lantic.net

Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.

 Our 3 layers woven fabric plastic film can meet your demands . That's because :


1. It really adopts 100% virgin HDPE material . 

 2. It is added 5% UV protection additive to increase its service life . 

 3. The technology is  HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three-layered structures . It has excellent tear resistance features

 4. It also resist burr of the greenhouse frame . 




 greenhouse film


 100% virgin PE with uv


 HDPE woven fabric, LDPE laminated both sides,  three-layered structures


 white transparent or blue transparent

light transmittance

 more than 80% depends on sunlight of the area

UV stabilization 

 more than 3 years under common weather condition




 2m-12m or as customer’s requirement


 50m,100m or as customer’s requirement

Strong tension:

 warp sense:710 N/5cm;zonal:450N/5cm(120gsm)

 warp sense:858 N/5cm;zonal:735N/5cm(160gsm)          



 Anti fog, UV resistance, anti-aging, anti-drip, anti-mildew

          Prefabricated green house

1.Size: 108(L)X108(W)X40/26.6(H)CM



1.Safe polycarbonate has the good characteristic of UV-protection, light weight, no sharp edges, easy to handle, 

preserving heat, advanced insulation, impact resistance and 

flexural strength.

2.Glazed with twin wall polycarbonate for safety and insulation, 

this neat little cold frame includes two hinged lids which can 

also be slid out if required. 

3.Each lid comes with a little catch to prop it open, 

or you can leave it open by sliding the lid to one side.


4.Polycarbonate glazing is twin wall (4mm thick) 

and provides good insulation. Also light weight,


Mini Green house with Polycarbonate hollow sheeting.  Price R1750  incl VAT



HDPE Dam Liner


Dome propagation like green house


Drip Irrigation system


Ground cover WEED MAT

Solar security light with Lithium battery



Ground cover sheet for weed protection


Our HDPE woven greenhouse film is widely used for fruit, flower, vegetable greenhouse and 

aquaculture hothouse and livestock breeding shed.



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