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Plastic Wood Composite Deck Board Chocolate Colour

Plastic Wood Composite Deck Board SA

Special price 19 June 2024   : Each Rib of 4020 X 145 X 24 mm Cost R625 incl VAT 

0.5829 m2 also please calculate the waste as well.  R1070/m2 incl VAT

Special price 19 June 2024

ICM WPC Plastic Wood Composite Hollow Deck Board Chocolate Colour deck board, measuring 402 x 14.5 x 2.4 cm in chocolate color is a perfect outdoor flooring solution.

Designed for quick and easy balcony terrace or patio floor renovation, ICM WPC Plastic Wood Composite deck boards are also perfect for swimming pool areas, spas our outdoor showers.

 Made of high quality mix wood-plastic composite, these deck boards are perfect for high traffic outdoor areas and very resistant to wear.

 It doesn't require any maintenance and easy to clean. Moreover WPC material is ideal for outdoor conditions: it is waterproof, rot proof, non-slippery, no cracking and without splinters for barefoot safety. Trendy color and wood looking board design guarantee a modern and aesthetic rendering. Zero PVC ! Made of 100%  HDPE .

          Prefabricated green house

1.Size: 108(L)X108(W)X40/26.6(H)CM



1.Safe polycarbonate has the good characteristic of UV-protection, light weight, no sharp edges, easy to handle, 

preserving heat, advanced insulation, impact resistance and 

flexural strength.

2.Glazed with twin wall polycarbonate for safety and insulation, 

this neat little cold frame includes two hinged lids which can 

also be slid out if required. 

3.Each lid comes with a little catch to prop it open, 

or you can leave it open by sliding the lid to one side.


4.Polycarbonate glazing is twin wall (4mm thick) 

and provides good insulation. Also light weight,


Mini Green house with Polycarbonate hollow sheeting.  Price R1750  incl VAT



HDPE Dam Liner


Dome propagation like green house


Drip Irrigation system


Ground cover WEED MAT

Solar security light with Lithium battery



Home hydoponic system kit SA

Home hydroponics system kit. 


Ground cover sheet for weed protection


Our HDPE woven greenhouse film is widely used for fruit, flower, vegetable greenhouse and 

aquaculture hothouse and livestock breeding shed.



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